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The despatch box

We're you thinking what the Conservatives were thinking? Did you believe the Lib Dems were the real alternative? Is Labour moving forward not back? This blog will focus on all things political. It will be irritating, agitating and maybe just maybe it will get you thinking.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Foxs wants to shift focus on Labour

Liam Fox has suggested the current Conservative leadership campaign has been the longest phoney war in history urging all Tories to focus their energies on attacking the Government.

I have to say that I share these views and I am sure it is how well the leadership contenders fare over the coming weeks in taking the fight to Labour that will determine who will eventually succeed Michael Howard. It's what the members want and I'm sure it's what the MPs want. After May 5th we can't afford to let the Government get away with anything it wants to while waiting to get a new leader in place. All contenders need to be showing their worth and taking the fight to Labour.

David Cameron has clearly already raised his game; David Davis has got Labour on the back foot with regards the ridiculous licencing changes being pushed through by the Home Office, and we all await to see Ken Clarke's contribution to taking on Labour if the recent speculation about an imminent leadership bid is to be believed.

So far I would suggest Davis is ahead on points due to his masterful handling of the Home Office brief but there is plenty of time for the other contenders to show what they're made of.


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