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The despatch box

We're you thinking what the Conservatives were thinking? Did you believe the Lib Dems were the real alternative? Is Labour moving forward not back? This blog will focus on all things political. It will be irritating, agitating and maybe just maybe it will get you thinking.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Tooth Hurty

Apparently everything is fine with the NHS. There’s no crisis in NHS dentistry. Hmmm tell that to my tooth which now apparently needs a root canal. It has taken me about 2 years to get a space with an NHS dentist in my home town – and on Thursday I finally had my check up.

Yes Mr Sheppard we think you need a root canal. Is the tooth causing you any problem. Well if you think a dull throbbing pain isn’t a problem – then no everything’s fine. OK – well come back in a month and w’ll sort you out – in the meantime just take some painkillers. Unless of course you want to pay about £300 and have it done privately.
Remind me Mr Blair how the NHS is safe in your hands!


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