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The despatch box

We're you thinking what the Conservatives were thinking? Did you believe the Lib Dems were the real alternative? Is Labour moving forward not back? This blog will focus on all things political. It will be irritating, agitating and maybe just maybe it will get you thinking.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Just to be difficult...

After being challenged by Iain Dale I only managed 6 categories - but I do like to be different!

Seven things to do before I die
Visit every continent
Learn to fly
Get married (oops – 3 days time)
Work for myself
Break a world record
Publish a book
Hold a baby Orangutan

Seven things I cannot do
Tolerate fools
Drive without moaning at others
Admit I’m wrong quickly
Live without emails anymore
Write neatly
Be serious for too long
Sit still and do nothing

Seven things that attract me to England
Green fields
Different accents
The seaside
Fish and chips
Football on a Saturday
Cricket matches
Our sense of humour

Seven things I often say
Oh man!
Your mamma!
Indicate you fool
Nice one
For Gods sake
Yeah I know (in the style of Little Britain)

Seven songs I love
Common People
Misshapes Mistakes Misfits
American Pie
Midnight train to Georgia
Winner takes it all
Scenes from an Italian restaurant
Don’t stop me now

Seven movies I watch over and over again
Good Fellas
Blazing Saddles
Mad Max
Coming to America
Nutty Professor
Shawshank Redemption


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